Pilot 🛫


Hi 👋,

I’ll be using this space to share my thoughts - mainly on software engineering. I might also share some thoughts on different matters, and I’ll make sure to tag them appropriately so that the posts list doesn’t get messy (as you probably might have noticed, all of my posts will be tagged for easier access).

Why I’m doing this

I’ve been publishing my articles on Medium and Dev.to, but there’s a couple of reasons why I thought about moving out:

  1. I would have more flexibility here. My articles on the other platforms can easily get messy because of the lack of visual separation. I like that here I have total control on how I tag my posts, as well as how I can visually represent this separation.
  2. I get to design the entire website the way I want. I can add comments sections, interactions, etc. And I can also remove them.
  3. It’s a portfolio after all. This is important for my career as a software developer. It’s a space where I can write about my experience and my experiments, as well as the projects I work on and any contributions I might make for the community. It’s also good for exposure.

What’s in it for the reader

If you’re a fellow software engineer, you might find something useful here if you’re lucky. If you’re a hiring manager, this is a better way for you to learn about my experience. It’s like a fine-grained CV.

If you’re none of the above, you will probably just get to see what I spend most of my time doing, and how I think about some topics. In fact, you can see this as an Instagram page, only more detailed and better tailored to my needs.

Parting words

Thank you if you made it this far on the post, I really appreciate it. I hope this is not the last time you pay me a visit. Also, feel free to reach out if you’d like. You can find more on the about me page.